Centric, a cryptocurrency initiative, has completed its transition to Binance Smart Chain(BSC) after two and a half years on the TRON blockchain . Centric announced its migration plans in May. Iosiro, a cybersecurity consultancy firm, completed an audit of the revised BSC smart contracts later that month.

Centric added the first BEP-20 Centric Swap (CNS) tokens to PancakeSwap, the top BSC decentralized exchange (DEX), two days before the transfer.

“As we completed the audit back in May, some community members wondered why we were waiting until July to make the jump,” said Centric COO Tommy Butcher.

“Centric encompasses much more than just a smart contract. We’ve built an entire ecosystem that includes partners. We needed to give our devs time to get everything buttoned up before making the move. Taking the time to do it right paid off, as everything went super smooth,” Butcher said.

The migration began on July 15 and went off without a hitch. The Centric Web Wallet’s Centric Swap (CNS) and Centric Rise (CNR) tokens were upgraded to BSC’s BEP-20 format within 24 hours. Centric has made a self-service TRON-to-BSC conversion facility available to users who have tokens in an external wallet through Centricswap.

Centric has made a number of noteworthy announcements since the transfer. RastaFinance, a decentralized finance (DeFi) initiative, added CNS to their DEX and liquidity pool as their first post-migration partner. They’ve also added the ability to stake RASTA tokens and obtain CNS as a reward.

Centricswap only permitted switching between CNS and CNR tokens using the MetaMask wallet throughout the changeover. Six new wallets are now supported, including the software-based TrustWallet and the hardware-based SafePal.

The business revealed last week that CNS has been integrated with the cryptocurrency payment gateway MyCryptoCheckout, allowing ecommerce stores to accept CNS payments with no transaction costs.

“It’s been an action packed few weeks since the chain jump,” said Butcher. “And this is just the beginning.”

Some CNS-supporting exchanges are still using BEP-20 CNS. Before attempting to purchase CNS, consumers are advised to seek more information to discover which exchanges are still in the transfer process.