• bits.africa is the first Cryptocurrency exchange in East and Central Africa.
  • A Cryptocurrency exchange is a platform where people can buy crypto from and sell to a trusted entity instead of dealing with other traders directly.
  • Such a platform aims at solving the problem of traders losing their money by dealing with con artists in p2p networks. 

   How to Buy Cryptocurrency via bits.africa. 

To invest, trade and store supported cryptocurrencies on bits.africa and more, start here;

What you’ll need

  • Be at least 18 years old (we’ll ask for proof)

  • A computer or smartphone connected to the internet

  • A phone number connected to your smartphone (we’ll send SMS text messages)

  • The latest version of your browser (we recommend Chrome).

Bits.africa doesn’t charge a fee to create or maintain your bits.africa account.

1. Create your account

Go to https://app.bits.africa from a browser on your computer,

  1. You’ll be asked for the following information. Important: Enter accurate, up-to-date information.

    • Legal full name

    • Email address (use one that you have access to)

    • Your Phone number (for two factor authentication)

    • Password (write this down and store in a secure place)

  2. Read the User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

  3. Check the box and click Create account.

  4. If the account creation is successful you’ll be redirected to the login page.

  5. Enter your correct credentials that you created your account with.

  6. You will be prompted to get a verification code, click on get code.

  7. bits.africa will send you a verification code via your phone number.

  8. Type the code and click on verify. If successful you will be redirected to app.bits.africa homepage.

2. Login in to your account

After logging in, you will have a chance to navigate through the website. The website is designed with an easy-to-use approach. In case of any question, the website has a 24/7 customer care service that can be assessed at the lower right corner of the home page.

3. What you can do with a bits.africa account. 

  • You can buy or sell a variety of Cryptocurrency after depositing your money or cryptocurrency to your bits.africa wallet.
  • You can transfer your cryptos to anyone you want. They don’t need to have an account at bits.africa.
  • You can transfer your cryptos from your bits.africa wallet to any other of your wallets.
  • You can validate any transaction that you make on bits.africa via the blockchain.
  • You can withdraw your money from bits.africa to your bank account or mpesa according to the withdraw options offered.

Visit bits.africa to have a personal experience of East and Central Africa’s first Cryptocurrency exchange platform.

Then join the bits.africa community to share your view and review other enthusiasts’ opinions on the new platform.